Posted by: Jobie | 14 December 07

Charlie Brown Xmas: Scrubs Style

Posted by: Jobie | 7 September 07

Boeing 777 Wing Test

Comes out January 25th.

Posted by: Jobie | 18 August 07

New Font for Road Signs

I didn’t think they were hard to read to begin with, but I like the new font. It’s a cool story to read, too. (Story link)

Posted by: Jobie | 18 August 07

Crowd Farm for Energy

This is kind of an old story, but I like it.  It’s like the sound farming on highways that Burns, Marce, Mills and I talked about last summer.

Posted by: Jobie | 18 August 07

Order Domino’s via txt

This story proves my belief that the UK > US. This is only available in the UK, but… it’s still pretty cool.


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