Posted by: Jobie | 25 July 07

Amazing Cavies Show (’04) and Scouts (’88)


Well here‘s one answer.

Monroe Truck Equipment, which modifies rides like the GMC TopKick for business owners, has partnered up with Hasbro to offer the ultimate adult Transformers toy: an exact Ironhide replica (minus the giant transforming robot element, of course).

Posted by: Jobie | 8 July 07


Here‘s my flickr account page, you can view my pictures from my vacations and soon my pics from the recent MB trip.

Found here at

Posted by: Jobie | 6 June 07

Hitlers Ultimate Downfall (Humor)

This is the story of Hitlers Downfall, his final defeat against Microsoft has now pushed him over the edge.

I laughed.

Posted by: Jobie | 4 June 07

F’ed by ATI

ATI released a new set of drivers on the 31st. I downloaded them last night, installed them and restarted. I come back to my computer this afternoon to see. “Out of Range: Vertical range: 30.0 Mhz, Horizontal Range 39.0 hz.” My LCD monitor had given me this error in the past, when I installed my current graphics card. I fixed it by hooking up an old CRT monitor and changing settings, then hooking the LCD back up. This didn’t work. I spent 2 hours on this to end up having my dad tell me, “Have you tried loading the old drivers?” To which I replied, “Yeah, and it said it didn’t save them on the computer.” “No, I mean the ones on the disc that came with the card.” DURR!!! Needless to say, it’s no longer fubar.

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